Affri Testing Instruments

Since 1954 Affri has been producing Affri Testing Instruments, which includes Affri Hardness Testers. For Affri Hardness Testers, the force is generated by load cells instead of traditional dead-weight loads and elevating screws. Combine Affri Testing Instruments technology with innovative components and the result is the unique AFFRI SYSTEM®.

Overview of Technology/Benefit

The AFFRI SYSTEM® has consistently been protected by registered patents. An increase in the operative performances was obtained with the use of a controlled load cell in a closed-loop system (Patent AFFRI N. 1175158). However this improvement appears moderate if we compare it with the high qualitative and operative level reached by the AFFRI SYSTEM®. A further improvement in performance was achieved when Affri automated the Rockwell and Brinell hardness testers, as part of the Affri Hardness Testers family. The automation process starts with only one control button and no break in positioning, approach and execution of the test. The fully automatic operation and the rapid speed obtained by the AFFRI SYSTEM® remains unchanged regardless of the load cell version. This is due to the use of unprecedented technologies (patent pending) used in the system.