Alternative energy

Promising new technologies are being developed that will allow a transition from dependence only on fossil fuels to the use of alternative energy sources from wind, solar, hydro or geothermal power. New products are required to take advantage of these technologies.
These products use complex components such as thin film photovoltaic cells, lithium ion batteries and high precision turbine parts. Innovative manufacturing techniques that depend on XRF analytic instruments are used to build the products.

Solar Panel

As the world is struggling to develop alternative energy sources to eliminate the use of fossil fuels and the serious pollution that has resulted from their use, solar energy is now regarded as a promising solution to the global energy crisis.


Initially solar cells were manufactured using crystalline silicon and later with various alloys. Thin-film cadmium telluride (CdTe) is now regarded as a leading material for the development of cost-effective solar cells, and CdS/CdTe heterojunction structures could produce additional efficiencies and cost reductions.

Use of XRF Elemental Analysis Equipment is essential for Quality Control to perform inspection and material analysis, and thus assure an efficient manufacturing operation.

Typical Samples
  • solar-panels-iconSOLAR PANEL MANUFACTURING
  • solar-panels-for-buildings-iconSOLAR PANEL ON TOP OF BUILDING
Battery & Fuel Cell

The manufacture of electrodes, cells and modules/packs for large-format power batteries is still in its infancy. The sensitive chemistry of the cells means quality needs to remain very high. Tight tolerances and strict process controls are essential throughout the manufacturing process.


Apart from the production test equipment, a battery manufacturer should be expected to have a materials laboratory equipped to carry out a full analysis of the materials used in the production of the cells as well as to carry out failure analysis.

X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) technology is particularly well suited to perform precise material analysis. XRF Elemental Analysis Equipment can analyze a wide variety of materials and produce quick accurate results in seconds.

Typical Samples
  • batteries-iconBATTERIES