Chemistry is the science underlying the development of new energy sources and in creating innovative technologies that make our world a better place to live in. In order to achieve these goals we must develop new technologies, diversify product lines and implement new production processes. Analytical instruments are essential tools that are used in each of these functions.

Raw Material ID and Verification

The globalization of the pharmaceutical supply chain and push towards 100% material inspection has led to a significant increase in the demand for cost effective, efficient and regulatory compliant methods for raw material identification (RMID) and chemical verification. Strict quality assurance and quality control measures are more important than ever to ensuring the safety and efficacy of products before reaching consumers.

Typical Samples
  • medicine-icon1CAPSULES
  • medicine-icon2PRESCRIPTION BOTTLES
  • drum-iconMATERIAL DRUMS
Polymers & Plastics
For plastics to be recycled, they must be separated by type with polymer analysis. The polymer recycling codes enable us to distinguish between the common types of polymers. However, visual sorting is not efficient enough to be practical on a large scale. Plastic material identification is possible for resins, compounds, composite and finished materials and products with a plastic analyzer. The most efficient way to identify plastics is with polymer analysis for recycling with a handheld Raman analyzer. Portable and handheld Raman analyzers enable lab-quality analysis to be performed to identify materials as well as authenticate final products quickly and confidently.


Typical Samples
  • drum-iconPLASTIC BOTTLES
  • containers-iconPLASTIC CONTAINERS
  • toys-iconPLASTIC TOYS
Paint Analysis

The chemistry of coatings consists of resins, pigments, solvents and additives, all of which have a profound influence on the service life of coatings. The objective in the analysis of paints is to identify all the components present together with their relative proportions. A full quantitative analysis can be a time consuming and expensive undertaking.

X-Ray Fluorescence instruments can perform XRF paint testing quickly and accurately in seconds. No chemicals are involved and the test is non-destructive. XRF paint analyzers save valuable time for your company.

Typical Samples
  • any-painted-icon2ANY PAINTED METALS