Visit K ALPHA at PCB West 2016 on 9/14

Stop by Booth 113 at PCB West 2016 Solution specialists from K ALPHA will be on-site at PCB West on September 14, to showcase the latest Bowman Xray and Bowman Xray Optics Systems.  These next-generation XRF instruments are manufactured in the USA, and are designed to ensure you maximize your margins as you achieve precise, efficient coating thickness measurement. About PCB West Since 1991, PCB West has been the place designers, fabricators and, lately, assemblers have gathered to exchange ideas and learn better ways to make printed circuit boards. Now, on the cusp of their 25th Anniversary, mark your calendar to attend the event in Santa Clara, CA, September 13 – 15, 2016.  Featuring a one-day exhibition and three-day technical conference, the highly acclaimed PCB West attracts industry professionals and leading suppliers from around the world. PCB West encompasses the entire PCB industry and brings together engineers, designers, fabricators, assemblers and managers to take advantage of unique opportunities to improve skills, increase knowledge and network with peers, colleagues and experts.  Learn more here:... read more

A Closer Look at Quality Control Using XRF

IEN sat with our own solution specialist, Zach Dismukes, to discuss the many industries that are achieving and maintaining quality control using XRF technology for coating thickness measurement… Do you have any follow-up questions for Zach? Post them in the Comments section... read more

ENEPIG Coating Thickness Measurement

To achieve the highest level of precision for your ENEPIG coating thickness measurement, look for an XRF instrument that features both Optics and Silicon Drift Detector (SDD). X-ray Fluorescence is a powerful, accurate, and well-established method of coating thickness measurement as well as the elemental microanalysis of materials. The addition of Optics plus SDD enable this proven method to deliver even more precision than before, and on very small components.  The poly-capillary optics achieve a hundred times higher flux than collimation system at the same distance from the source – easily achieving the best precision at the shortest test time with small spot testing requirements. The high flux x-ray beam and large window SDD combine for unmatched speed and performance. Application Performance   µm Au µm Pd µm Ni Avg. 0.0427 0.08 3.72 Std. Dev. 0.00045 0.0009 0.00985 Range 0.0015 0.003 0.0395 % RSD 1.053% 1.121% 0.265% This XRF+Optics+SDD method is perfect for ENEPIG applications as it delivers fast, multi-point, automated analysis on sample sizes as small as 30 µm.  Users will save time, money and materials. ENEPIG (Electroless Nickel / Electroless Palladium / Immersion Gold) plating is the chemical deposition of one or more layers of a metal coating onto an object using chemical reactions rather than electricity. ENEPIG plating is favored because of its suitability for both lead-free soldering and wire bonding applications. ENEPIG can be used for all assembly processes, and brittle fracture on BGAs is not an issue with this combination of metallic layers. The production flow is shortened when ENEPIG plating is used, as only one final finish is applied and no protective film... read more